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1. Tom postpones starting out his project and _____ evaluation of it.

(A) he gets
(B) get
(C) gets
(D) getting

2. Do not _____ in the library.

(A) eat and drink
(B) drink and eat
(C) eat or drink
(D) drink or eat

3. Everytime we read something, we do not read words and senteces as they are stated, and ____ them.

(A) nor can we read
(B) nor we can read
(C) nor we cannot read
(D) nor we read

4. Pick one you like of these two. But you cannot have _____.

(A) both
(B) either
(C) neither
(D) one

5. Neither Ken nor I _____ to make a presentation in English.

(A) both
(B) must
(C) has
(D) have

6. _____ either Ken or I have to make a presentation in English?

(A) Are
(B) Is
(C) Do
(D) Does

7. It is the slippery slope logic that ____ we accept euthanasia for terminal ill patients, it leads to euthanizing severely ill patients.

(A) once
(B) when
(C) as soon as
(D) as long as

8. _____ the conscious effort is made, stored information can easily go away.

(A) As long as
(B) If
(C) If not
(D) Unless

9. Interesting _____ this book is, letters are too small for the elderly.

(A) as
(B) though
(C) very
(D) story

10. If it ____ tomorrow, I go skiing

(A) hails
(B) will hail
(C) is hailing
(D) will be howling



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